Effective Software Development for Enterprise Workshop Training Course

Effective Software Development for Enterprise is an approach to building high-quality software solutions via engineering excellence, software architecture, and leadership best practices. This topic originates from the eponymous book by Tengiz Tutisani - Effective Software Development for Enterprise, which is a comprehensive study of techniques to build software solutions that meet ambitious criteria:

  1. Meet users' expectations.
  2. No defects.
  3. Scale out horizontally.
  4. No dedicated production support team.
  5. Accelerate development pace.
  6. Double ROI per developer, team, and software

This workshop training course is an overview and hands-on deep-dive into the book's topics, delivered by the book's author himself. The training will focus on essential topics tailored to your needs and objectives.

Training Curriculum

  • History Behind Inefficient Monoliths
  • Why People Avoid Building Effective Software
  • Software Development Perfectionism As A State Of Mind
  • Six Pillars Of Effective Software
Crosscutting Concerns
  • Execution, Leadership, Management
  • Organizational Structure
  • Processes, Ongoing Efforts, Teams
  • Culture
  • Recruitment
From Customer Insights To Internal Requirements
  • Understanding Customers' Needs
  • Organization's Response To Customers' Needs
  • Requirements And Story Writing
  • Planning Work
  • Carrying Out Work
Design And Architecture
  • Architecture As A Crosscutting Concern
  • Architecture In Analysis And Requirements Gathering
  • Architecture Body Of Knowledge
  • Architecture And Implementation
  • Architecture For Testable Systems
  • Architecture For Deployable Systems
  • Architecture For Maintainable Systems
Implementation And Coding
  • Crosscutting Concerns Related To Coding
  • Designing Code
  • Implementing Code
  • Testing Code
  • Code Deployment And Maintenance
Testing And Quality Assurance
  • Testing Processes And Principles
  • Test Design And Architecture
  • Implementing Automated Tests
  • Enhancing Deployments With Test Automation
  • Culture Of Releases
  • CI/CD - Deployment Foundation
  • Building Deployment-Ready Applications
Maintenance And Support
  • Maintenance-Free Mindset
  • Maintenance-Aware Mindset

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