Tengiz Tutisani has been in the software development industry for over 21 years. His experience ranges from startups to Fortune-500 corporations. He held roles with a mix of people and technology leadership (software engineer, technical lead, development manager, application architect, solutions architect, enterprise architect, and chief architect). Tengiz's broad experience and frequent recognition for outstanding quality and performance have convinced him to teach others unique engineering and architecture techniques. He also recently authored a book that describes advanced techniques for professional software development and architecture disciplines.

Tengiz is an entrepreneur with a technical background who consults organizations about various topics related to digital transformation. These include engineering best practices and architecting software with long-term cost-effectiveness. To reach this objective, Tengiz provides specialized training and consultation services.

Tengiz has successfully delivered training courses to various customers while consulting them about software engineering, software architecture, and digital transformation. Customers range from startups to Fortune-500 organizations.

Tengiz shares his knowledge via his website (see https://www.tutisani.com), where he blogs about software architecture and describes services that he offers to interested organizations.

Tengiz is also an active Open Source contributor, and he has authored a rather popular BDD framework, Xunit.Gherkin.Quick (see https: //github.com/ttutisani/Xunit.Gherkin.Quick).

Tengiz lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has recently founded a startup to build SaaS products targeted towards software architects, engineers, and organizations going through digital transformation. He is a happy husband and an avid traveler trying to see the places where he has never been before.