Effective Software Development for the Enterprise

Beyond Domain Driven Design, Software Architecture, and Extreme Programming

By Tengiz Tutisani

Meet user's expectations and satisfy customers with the software you deliver. Deliver software with zero defects. Scale systems horizontally to support exponential number of users.
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About The Book

It's a jungle out there.

Delivering software solutions with predictable costs, time, scope, and quality has become more complicated than ever. Developers need to account for multiple moving targets, including often avoided but always relevant factors such as culture, people, and leadership. To effectively deal with these challenges, it's necessary to rethink the entire delivery chain of modern software development.

This book addresses all these topics, putting everything in perspective, from the potential awkwardness created by cultural differences to connecting code with business outcomes to make delivering quality solutions possible. As a software engineer who strives to be his best and challenge the status quo when building IT systems, author Tengiz Tutisani always wanted a book that would cover all of these elements from a developer's perspective — so he wrote one.

Effective Software Development for the Enterprise builds on advanced disciplines, methodologies, and techniques derived from domain-driven design, software architecture, and extreme programming. Its objective is to aid modern software engineers and solution architects in building and delivering high-quality solutions for an enterprise while meeting ambitious criteria:

  • Meet users' expectations
  • Deliver solutions on time with no defects
  • Create products that can scale-out horizontally
  • Solutions should not require a dedicated production support team
  • Accelerate development pace
  • Double ROI per developer, team, and software

You will learn how to achieve these objectives in any engineering environment by developing solid strategies based on the industry's well-known, recognized, and proven patterns and principles. After reading this book, you will be ready to effectively deal with any and all challenges posed by today's hyper-competitive, globally-diverse, fast-moving enterprise environment.

Who This Book Is For

Professional software engineers and solution architects, as well as those aspiring to become one. Additionally, software engineering leaders will benefit from reading it, as it will help them maximize their impact via successful software project deliveries.


Praise For The Book

By Independent Professionals

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-- Dave Black, Solutions & Performance Architect, Black Box Solutions, Inc.

* * *

-- Jim Hammond, Lead Developer, Kantar

* * *

-- Preeti Baranga, Technical Leader in Software Development, LinkedIn

* * *

-- Lasha Kochoradze, CTO at Nugios Technology

* * *

-- Nugzar Nebieridze, Entrepreneur, Expert of Cybersecurity, Ex-CIO at Liberty Bank Georgia

* * *

-- Romana Stasiv, Agile Fellow



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