I teach topics listed below. I'm an expert level hands on engineer and architect in these practices, as I use them on daily basis. Hence, 100% effectiveness is guaranteed. This is not just theory. This is my daily experience and knowledge shared with you.

Each topic can be tailored to meet your specific needs by adjusting length, number of attendees (from individual to groups), broad or specialized focus, and budget. There is also a flexibility to mix several topics together. Possibilities are endless. Feel free to contact me and ask questions if you are looking for a specific format or set of topics.

Please use contact methods to start conversation.


Domain Driven Design (DDD) Training

- Understanding DDD.

- Modeling skills.

- Model-Driven Design.

- Supple Design.

- Context Mapping.

- Strategic Design.

- Large Scale Structure.

- Every pattern and recommendation in practice.

- Hands-on exercises for technical and non-technical audiences.


Design Patterns and Architecture Training

 - Object Oriented Programming (OOP) principles.

- SOLID principles.

- Gang of Four design patterns.

- Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture.

- 12 Factor.

- Microservices.


- Practice - implementing all patterns by example.

- Hands-on exercises.


Test Driven Development (TDD) Training

- Unit Tests.

- Frameworks.

- TDD in theory.

- TDD in practice - pairing and writing actual features together using TDD.

- Hands-on exercises.


Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Training

- BDD in theory.

- Gherkin.

- SpecFlow for .NET.

- Xunit.Gherkin.Quick for .NET Core.

- BDD in practice - pairing and writing actual features together using BDD.

- Hands-on exercises.


Automated Testing Training

- Page Object pattern.

- Scenario Object pattern.

- Frameworks - Selenium.

- Practice - writing automated tests for features.

- Hands-on exercises.


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