Development Team Transformation

In today's era of technological boom, value of digital and technical transformation is unspeakable.

I help organizations and teams in their transformation journeys, by coaching and co-practicing the industry best standards for software development.

Transformation program consists of following exercises, which can be tried all in a row or in a customized fashion - tailored for your specific needs:


Development Team Strength Assessment

Do you have a software development team? Are you a part of it? And are you wondering how strong the team is from the software development industry standpoint?

I have an expertise of assessing the team's strength, by inspecting the development process as well as learning what the team's potential is.

This is a couple of week length process, when I become a part of the team temporarily. At the end of the process you have the detailed description of the team's strength, as well as plan for improvement (when necessary).

Assessment is mostly based on industry's leading standards and practices (described here on my Software Development Strength Scale page).

You could also try to do the assessment on your own (that's why the page is available for free); however, expertise in every skill is necessary to objectively assess the strength in each of them.


Injection Into Existing or New Team

If you have an existing software development team, or you are going to roll out a new one, you may be interested in turning it into a Rock Star level team. Why would you want that? - Because Rock Star team delivers high quality, stable, future ready software that sustains time and keeps strong development pace long run.

Best way to turn your team into a Rock Star team is to inject one or more experts into it.

I have done it several times, through these steps (roughly, since it varies from case to case):

  • Become a team member (either a team lead, or an architect, or a senior developer).
  • Slowly introduce best development practices, one by one, until the team learns and digests each of them.
  • When the desired level of strength is reached, let the team continue practicing the industry's best skills, without necessity to keep the expert around.

It's important that you are ready to support the injected experts through the team environment when necessary (changes are tough sometimes for long time team members, but they are often the only way to have a Rock Star team). For instance, you may need to conduct one-on-one conversations for smoothing the waves of changes for existing team members.

Best practices introduced to the team are listed on my Software Development Strength Scale page. Results can only be guaranteed if the injected expert has strong knowledge and experience in each of the skills mentioned.


Guided Transformation

If your development team is going through technical or engineering excellence transformation waves, it's important to have an objective expert view from the side.

I can help arrange and achieve short term or long term transformation goals, by cooperatively creating a step-by-step plan that the team needs to go through.

For a highly organized and technical team, plan alone will suffice. For most of the cases, detailed guidance is necessary to achieve the desired outcomes.


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