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BDD using Xunit and Gherkin for .NET Core and .NET

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Xunit.Gherkin.Quick is a lightweight, cross platform BDD test framework (targets .NET Standard, can be used from both .NET and .NET Core test projects). It parses Gherkin language and executes Xunit tests corresponding to scenarios.



CouchDBClient (CouchDB .NET Client)

.NET client side Framework for working with CouchDB

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CouchDBClient is a framework for working with CouchDB from .NET code. It abstracts and simplifies the usage of CouchDB, so that you can easily use it from your application code. All the complexity of working with plain json and http request/responses is burried under the framework. You will be able to create, retrieve, save, and delete documents as plain objects, by using this framework.




C# models to track investment portfolios

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Set of instrumentation to track personal investment portfolios:

  • C# models to reflect the nature of investment portfolios.
  • Command line tool to capture, interact with, and track investment portfolios.



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