My Background


I'm a hands-on software architect with 16 years of experience, which spans across various industries: government, banking, investment, entertainment, business processes, healthcare, e-commerce, and so on. I have architected many systems from scratch, and I have played an influential role in architecting others.

I have worked with major companies or projects, such as DELL, OpenText, UBS Investment Bank, MSN Games, Yahoo Games, etc.

I have been recognized for my exceptional understanding of the subject matter and for using industry-leading standards and practices many times:

  • I became a University student before graduating a high school;
  • My education was state-financed, and free for me, due to successful pre-entrance examinations;
  • I was the best student in Computer Science and related disciplines;
  • I found my first software development job a year before graduating a University;
  • I once took an honorable 5-th place in software architecture challenge in Ukraine without having been an architect before then;
  • I was elected as a member for high performance companywide clubs;
  • I was awarded company recognition for entrepreneurial spirit;
  • I have lead software development teams numerous times;
  • I have architected many software systems;
  • I have worked in 3 different countries, employing 3 different languages at work as means of professional communication;
  • I have made a difference every single time.

My hobbies are - reading, travel, meditation, and video games. I'm a strongly focused, quick learner, and high performance individual.

I'm an independent consultant helping people, teams and organizations on their way to success.

I'm here to make a difference.


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