Customer Feedback


Michael Dodd

Date Right Inc.

Tengiz gave a really great, in-depth consultation for our new startup. He was able to take some of my rough ideas and boil them down into concrete objectives. I could tell that he was a subject matter expert though he was able to keep things framed in a way that I could easily understand. I was very happy with the consultation and we will certainly consider moving forward.



John Mullikin


Tengiiz's advise was essential to setting my strategic technical direction. From the architecture discussions he led, I was able to understand and assess the trade-offs to set sound and cost effective technical course for my startup.



Professional Feedback


Sri Lakshmi Movva

I worked with Tengiz at Dell, where he was an Architect/Team-Lead. He is very talented and good at providing simple solutions to complex problems with his solid technical background. He is a good mentor and a guide. He is an asset to any team on which he works, and I would gladly work with him again.



Leidys Perez

Tengiz is a dedicated, experienced, software professional with a vast experience in all aspects of databases and software engineering. Tengiz can make great contributions to a company and help build excellent products. He could always find innovative ways to solve problems. He showed his excellent problem analysis skill when we worked on some tough bugs found on customers' live web sites. Tengiz is also an obliging person, a great team player with high integrity and work ethics. When I was new in Ibeza team, Tengiz helped me a lot on learning the code and tools that were brand new to me. It was really a pleasure to work with him.



Jennifer Sayers

Tengiz is an amazing architect and a pleasure to work with. He is enthusiastic and always goes out of his way to contribute to the team to meet deadlines and accomplish tasks successfully. We are lucky to have Tengiz as a part of our team and I look forward to continuing to work with him.



Bruno Spinelli

Working with Tengiz was a great experience. He always brought knowledge and enthusiasm to each of the team meetings and working sessions. I believe Tengiz is a valuable asset for any organization.



Nugzar Nebieridze

Top-performing employee who has participated in development of Core Banking Software application CustomWare.NET for ProCredit group.



George Vyshnya

Tengiz was my first hire in the brand-new project related to risks analysis and reporting for the top-tier international investment bank. As a team lead, he was instrumental at helping me build the high profile technical team for the core services of the risk engine. He also managed to quickly establish trust with his peers on the customer side. Due to his deep grasp of the modern .NET platforms and technologies and profound knowledge of Scrum/Agile, Tengiz always contributed remarkable value to the solutions developed. I highly recommend him as an A-class team lead and talented technical guru.



Nikolay Sudarikov

I know Tengiz as a very talented person. We worked on different projects, but had some interesting discussions about development, processes and other related topics. And he showed himself very enthusiastic about new technologies and really aware of some modern management practices. Also his colleagues always described him as person on whom you always can rely in any situation. Tengiz is very friendly and communicative as well and you could discuss with him not only working moments.



Konstantin Dubrovnyi

I had a pleasure to work as Tengiz's team member. He is very strong as a Team Leader and Project manager. Very agile and goal-oriented person which always can make the best solution in case of critical situation. I would extemely reccommend him to your Project if you want to succeed in it.



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