Effective Software Development for Enterprise

Beyond DDD, Software Architecture, and XP

By Tengiz Tutisani

A book about building high-quality software solutions via engineering excellence, software architecture, and leadership best practices
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About The Book

Modern-day solution architects and software engineers need to solve complex tasks at all layers of an organization: helping executives align IT with business objectives, employing Solution Architecture to define systems and integrations, Application Architecture, and Engineering to produce high-quality code and patterns. The journey does not stop there: requirements gathering and analysis, quality assurance, deployment, and maintenance operations need to seamlessly cooperate with engineering efforts to build, verify, deliver, and run applications that meet customers' expectations and have no critical flaws. Everything needs to play well together.

To succeed in such a complex environment while developing enterprise-grade software solutions, one needs to have a broad insight into the holistic view and a depth of understanding in aspects that make the entire engineering process work together effectively. It is paramount to make sense of the multiple disciplines, selectively choose essentials, and build a cohesive approach and patterns that work. This task is not easy for a single ambitious individual to conquer on their career path. Hence, with extensive and relevant knowledge and experience, the author has put this comprehensive guide together.

Effective Software Development for Enterprise builds on advanced disciplines, methodologies, and techniques derived from Domain-Driven Design, Software Architecture, and Extreme Programming. Its objective is to aid a modern software engineer and solution architect in building and delivering high-quality solutions for an enterprise while meeting ambitious criteria:

  • Meet users' expectations.
  • No defects.
  • Scale out horizontally.
  • No dedicated production support team.
  • Accelerate development pace.
  • Double ROI per developer, team, and software.

Readers learn how to achieve these objectives in any engineering environment by developing solid arguments based on the industry's well-known, recognized, and established patterns and principles.

This book does not focus on reiterating a theory that you can learn anywhere else or in other books. This book puts everything together, connects the dots, and directs the reader to additional reference material for more profound knowledge.


Praise For The Book

By Independent Professionals

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-- Dave Black, Solutions & Performance Architect, Black Box Solutions, Inc.

* * *

-- Jim Hammond, Lead Developer, Kantar

* * *

-- Preeti Baranga, Technical Leader in Software Development, LinkedIn

* * *

-- Lasha Kochoradze, CTO at Nugios Technology

* * *

-- Nugzar Nebieridze, Entrepreneur, Expert of Cybersecurity, Ex-CIO at Liberty Bank Georgia

* * *

-- Romana Stasiv, Agile Fellow



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